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American Ring and the Digital Supply Chain
November 28, 2017

All around American Ring's headquarters you can hear us discussing what we can do different, better, and new to continuously improve our company, our service, and our productivity.   No matter what part of the supply chain you are part of at American Ring, you are looking for what you can do today to improve.  As a company part of that is what can we do to continue to move our company further into the digital supply chain space.

On November 20th, we continued to build our partnership with Lanham Associates by implementing their Demand Planning software.  We spent the week of Thanksgiving learning about formula forecasting, customer collaborative forecasting, spoke and hub branch replenishment, inventory balancing, reduction of inventory investment, and training on the use of the software.

This software will not only move us further down the road of the digital age but also help us to provide even better service to our customers with accurate planning and purchasing,  The program rolled out this week will provide greater collaborations with our vendors and customers.

Demand planning provides us with unprecedented visibility and will help us to fine tune our inventory, reduce both stock outs and over stock of items.

The benefits of American Ring's implementation of Demand Planning will benefit all parties involved, the American Ring team, our Vendors, and our Customers.

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