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American Ring is RoHS Compliant
October 19, 2016

American Ring, in an effort to achieve RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Materials) compliancy, is pleased to announce that we will no longer be carrying zinc dichromate (ZD) coated products. Zinc Dichromate, often referred to as "zinc yellow," is a mechanically distributed chemical compound, used as an anti-corrosive and anti-rust coating on industrial components. The coating is often of a yellow or gold hue. Zinc Dichromate however, contains hexavalent chromate, which is a known cause of cancer and a pollutant.

To replace ZD, and to ensure that our products, and our customer specific needs, meet salt spray requirements for rust prevention, American Ring offers a Zinc Trivalent (ZYT) coating option. This coating is environmentally friendly and provides equal protection as a rust preventative. It also comes in a yellow hue.

If you have any requirements for mechanically plated retaining rings, snap rings, and/or Belleville disc springs, please contact our sales and engineering teams toll free, at 1-800-635-1133, or to find out what coating would be best for your application.

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