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It's for Girls!
December 28, 2017

IT's for Girls

In conjunction with the WE ARE IT campaign (supported by Governor Strickland), this program provides middle school girls with information and incentives to pursue their interests in STEM-related subjects and IT (Information Technology) -related careers in order to meet the impending demand for IT workers in Ohio.


American Ring, CIO Holly Kutil and IT Specialist Marguerite Manelski participated on Friday, December 15,at CVCC's annual IT's for Girls Event. This program provides middle school girls an opportunity and incentive to explore careers in the Information Technology field to meet the demand for IT workers in the professional workforce. A select group of students from each of CVCC's associate school districts who expressed an interest in a career in the IT field were invited to spend the day at CVCC. The students rotated through several high school programs and participated in a variety of hands-on activities that were facilitated by CVCC students, instructors, and volunteers. Through a partnership with many area organizations, the young women also met and had lunch with professional women from various IT industries. What an exciting and interactive day of learning! 

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