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Slotted Pins, Spiral Pins, Solid Pins

Slotted Pins, Spiral Pins, Solid Pins

MS 16562
MS 17430-171790
MS 9047
MS 9048

MS 39086
MS 51923
MS 51987
NAS 561

MS 16555
MS 16556
MS 9390

Slotted Pins have a characteristic gap and are used in holes slightly smaller than their free outside diameter. The gap allows the slotted pin to contract and fit snug to the hole.

Coiled Pins work similarly to slotted pins, however the "coiled" design produces a pin that is not subject to stressing on the pin because as they are compressed the stresses are distributed equally along the coiled surfaces.

Solid Pins are designed to have a press fit with retained parts. Some solid pins have grooves or knurls.