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PA3500 Series, 3506 Captive Stud Assemblies

Quarter Turn Fasteners: Receptacles, Studs and Tools

Quarter Turn Fasteners are the ideal fastener when a quick connector is needed. These quick acting fasteners are meant to secure panels, covers, and removable parts that require fast access or must operate reliably under hard use. The quarter turn lock has a distinctive groove built into its shaft which locks with its mating socket and binds assemblies into place. American Ring Mfg is proud to offer a full line of DFCI fasteners available from stock.

Quarter Turn Fasteners are used in products stemming from a wide range of industries: Aerospace; Automotive; Motorcycle; Marine; Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning; Race Cars; Telecommunication; Computer and Office Products; Lighting; Industrial Controls; Farming Equipment; Railroad Cars and Equipment. Many of the end users are major Fortune 500 companies.

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PA 3500 Stud Assemblies, 3506 Series (PF35)
PA 3500 Receptacle Rails
PA 3500 Single Hole Receptacles