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Retaining Ring Installation Tools

Retaining Ring Tools

Pliers and Applicators ease assembly of tapered section retaining rings and radially installed retaining rings. Many styles of pliers are available. Pliers can be purchased for the following series of rings: 5000, 5001, 5002, 5003, 5008, 5100, 5101, 5102, 5108, 5160 and 5555. Applicators are available for the following radially installed retaining ring series: 5103, 5131, 5133, 5135, 5144 and 5304.

Standard pliers have plastic non-slip grips -- easy on the hands and oil resistant -- plus stop screws for positive location and springs for ease of operation. The plier for mass production assembly.

All applicators are available either straight or cranked. An applicator can be used without a dispensor. Rings can be picked up from a bench by using the applicator, groove side down, and sliding it on to the ring against a stop.

SR-100 Pneumatic Ring Tool
Pliers, Tips and Applicators Brochure