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American Ring Part Number: 3506-SC38A

3506-SCA Captive Quarter Turn Stud Assembly

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Stud Assembly Specs
(B) B Dimension: 2.03 mm.
Minimum Panel Thickness: 1.52 mm.
Maximum Panel Thickness: 1.75 mm.
Other Specs
(L) Locking Tension:67N
(Smax) Max. sheet seperation under tensile overload:1.19mm.
(T) Item Tensile and Shear (when used with DFCI receptacles):890N
(WE) Wear Endurance (Cycles):5000.000
Stud Material:Heat Treated Carbon Steel
Spring Material:Spring Temper Music Wire
Cup Material:Mild Steel
MIL-F-25173A Approved:Meets the design, physical and performance requirements of MIL-F-25173A. However , full mechanical properties testing may not be performed on each production lot.
Industry Equivalent Part Number(s):PFSC35-38A