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Wave Springs and Wavy Washers

Wave Springs and Wavy Washers
When compared with typical coil springs, wave springs have equal performance with about half of the overall free height. The space savings leads to smaller, less expensive assemblies. Wave springs are a precision spring and avaialable in many styles and materials. Standard wave springs are available to fit bores ranging from .375" to 16", and to fit shafts ranging from .25" to 15". Call us today for product details.

Wave Spring Math:
Wave Springs = [Shorter Free Heights] + [Equal Deflection and Load of Coil Springs]
Wave Springs = Same Performance from a More Compact product.
Wave Springs = More Compact Assemblies.
More Compact Assemblies = Less Material = Lower Cost!

Wavy Washers are a solid washer that have pressed waves. These items are typically used to offer preload to bearings and bolts. When compared to wave springs (above) wavy washers are less precise, however are much more economical. Call us for product details.