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Ring Specs

(D) Free Diameter: 22.23 +0.25 / -0.25 mm.
(t) Thickness: 0.38 +0.05 / -0.05 mm.
(b) Radial Wall:
Groove Specs:

(B) Application Diameter: 15.9 mm.
(G) Groove Diameter:
(W) Groove Width:
Groove Depth:
Other Specs

Approximate Weight per 1000: 0.372 kg.
(Bmax) Shaft Size (max.):15.93mm.
(Bmin) Shaft Size (min.):15.82mm.
(n1) Minimum Distance - Retained Part to End of Shaft:1.52mm.
(Tc) Thrust Load Capacity:222N
Industry Equivalent Part Number(s):
5105-062, 6100-62, 1405-62, TY-62, 5105-62