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Spiral Wound Retaining Rings

Type P/N Suffix Reference Spec Description
Carbon Spring Steel (none) SAE 1070-1090 Standard material for spiral retaining rings.
Stainless Steel AISI 302 S AMS-5866 Standard grade for spiral rings when stainless is ordered. Withstands ordinary rusting and immune to all food stuffs.
Beryllium Copper M ASTM B197 (Chemical composition only) Non-magnetic. Immune to corrosion from sea water or sea air and to most alkaline solutions. Has poor resistance to compounds of amonia, sulphur and mercury.
A286 Austenetic Alloy SN AMS-5810 Ideal for applications where retaining ring experiences temperatures up to 1000 degrees F.
Stainless Steel 17-7 PH/C SC AMS-5529 Primarily used when high strength and corrosion resistance are required up to 650 degrees F.
Stainless Steel AISI 316 SB ASTM A313 1 Similar properties and heat resistance to 302 stainless. Added corrosion resistance over 302 stainless.
Inconel Alloy X-750 INX AMS-5699 / AMS-5698 Used in high temperature corrosive environments.

Type P/N Suffix Reference Spec Description
Oil (none) Default for Carbon Steel rings. Oil acts as a corrosion preventitive for transport and storage.
Zinc Plating Z QQ-Z-325 Class 3, Type I Bright silver finish is popular where appearance is a factor.
Zinc Plating Dichromate ZD QQ-Z-325 Class 3, Type II Will slow or prevent formation of white corrosive matter on surfaces exposed to water. Bronze to brown in color.
Phosphate Coat L MIL-DTL-16232, Type Z, Class 2 Better corrosion resistance than black oxide. Not suited for severe conditions.
Passivation P QQ-P-35 Used on stainless to remove particles from material surface. Theoretically improves corrosion resistance of the material.
Black Oxide BX MIL-C-13924 Class 1 Produces a uniform satin black finish on carbon steel. Its corrosion resistance is inferior to phosphate. Cannot be applied to stainless steel.
Cadmium Plating C AMS QQ P-416, Type II, Class 1 Cadmium plating. Provides a limited amount of corrosion resistance.
Cadmium Plating Dichromate CD AMS QQ P-416, Type II, Class 2 Cadmium plating with a dichromate dip. Ideal for surfaces exposed to stagnant water, salt water, marine atmospheres.
Cadmium Plating Irridite CI AMS QQ P-416, Type II, Class 1 Cadmium plating with an iridite dip (clear).

Type P/N Suffix Reference Spec Description
General Parts are supplied bulk up to about 2" diameter rings. At about 2" and up parts are supplied stacked in paper rolls. Special packaging available upon request.